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Prior to being available for adoption, all dogs undergo a thorough temperament evaluation for handling, human interaction, food and toy possessiveness and compatability with other animals. Once evaluated, they are altered, receive vaccines and any necessary medical attention, a health certificate, and then spend time with a foster family becoming re-acclimated to a home environment. In foster care, they receive basic obedience training, learn - or re-learn - house manners, and are crate trained.

Potential adopters need to fill out an adoption application. References will be checked and a home visit conducted. Potential adopters need to ensure that any current pets and all family members meet with us prior to any adoption. Adopters are responsible for confirming with their homeowners insurance company that there will be no lapse in coverage with a rottweiler or pitbull on premises. Adopters are also responsible for confirming that there is no breed specific legislation in their community.

Processing adoption applications involves our volunteers' time and resources. We ask that you REVIEW OUR ADOPTION CONTRACT which outlines training, housing and fencing requirements BEFORE YOU APPLY. If agreeing to all of the terms in the contract is not something you are willing to comply with, please do not apply.

We prefer our dogs to be placed in northern New England because that's where we are physically. We will extend our adoptions to the immediate surrounding states including northern New Jersey and New York based on volunteer availability. If you are interested in one of our dogs, and are just a little bit further, please feel free to contact us - and also check out other dogs available through these other resources: 

Rottweiler Rescue Resources in the North East
National Listing of Rottweiler Rescue Contacts
(a fairly complete listing)

These dogs live in our homes as family members. We all have a vested interest in these dogs' lives with their new adopters. We will make the best choices for our dogs based on the potential adopters' home situations, and the dogs' temperaments. We reserve the right to refuse any individual/home for adoption.

  • Please review our contract to ensure that you are able to comply with the conditions of adoption. This outlines our requirements for training, housing, fencing, and nutrition.

  • Adopters must demonstrate responsible ownership of their current pets, including spay/neuter of current pets, and have previous dominant large breed ownership experience - specifically a Rottweiler, Doberman, German Shepard Dogs, or other working breed animal, or a bully breed for any of our bully breed canines.

  • Adopters must live in a community without breed specific legislation for the breed they are adopting. Adopters must also confirm with their homeowners insurance company that there are no breed restrictions.

  • We will not place a dog in a home with children under 6 yrs of age unless we know that dog has lived with a child of a similar age.

  • Adopters must be at least 21 years of age and live northern New England, preferably New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont or Massachusetts.

We will transfer all medical records with the dog, and will provide all known behavioral information at that time too. Our dogs are not guaranteed for health of temperament and are rehomed "AS IS." We require that the dog be returned to us if, for any reason, s/he can not remain with the adoptive family.

In accordance with the regulations set forth by the Department of Agriculture in New Hampshire, For the Love of Dog considers our "coverage area" to be New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts. Dogs who originate outside of our coverage area require additional pre-entry medical expenses and quarantine as well as transportation fees.

Unless otherwise noted, the adoption fee for dogs are as follows:

  • Rottweilers originating from our coverage area :: $350 ($400 for dogs 6 months and under).

  • Rottweilers originating outside of our coverage area :: $450.

  • All Bully Breeds :: $250

Please consult your tax advisor for rules specific to tax exemptions.

All of this being said, we would love to have your application on file. We will update you regularly on our available dogs, and ask that you bookmark the site for your regular viewing!

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