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Available Rottweilers

Buster is a year old rottweiler hound mix who came into a high volume urban shelter in Manhattan as a stray. In 72 hours, his time is up. Buster appears friendly with people and other dogs, and has had a complete temperement evaluation. Buster needs a home. Please read More...

Katrina Survivor: This older lady is looking for a happy place to call home for the remainder of her days. She is affectionate, loving and happy. Helena gets along with adult dogs, but would prefer to be left alone by pesky puppies and pushy dogs. She is house trained More...

Davidson is a big boy (he weighs 105lbs!) He is very strong and will pull you when walking so he needs some training in this area. He has some basic training. Davidson is about 2 years old . More..

This year old rottie boy was a creulty case from NYC. He shows his stable rottie temperament and trusts people and wants to play with other dogs. Rico is available through the ASPCA to an adult home who will continue working with him. He is a sweet cuddly boy who wants to live his life. More...

Stevie is a young male Rottweiler. He is up to date on all shots, heartworm negative, on preventative, neutered and is micro-chipped. Stevie is underweight at 75 lbs, and will fill in over time. Stevie is a very friendly and sweet Boy, he loves to just be with you. More...

This three year old rottie mix girl gave birth to a family in the shelter. Her puppies all have new homes - Gerber wants one too! She is a very sweet and trusting girl who would love a family of her own. More...

Jewel is an exceptionally beautiful 2 year old female Rottweiler. She has a wonderful disposition and will make an exceptional family companion. .. More...

Upcoming Events

February 25, 2006
Pet Adoption Day
Sponsored by the
Animal Rescue Network of New England
11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Pelham NH

March 4, 2006
Competition Obedience Working Sessions Saturday, March 4, 2006
Masterpiece Dog Training
264 Fisher Street, Franklin, MA

March 9, 2006
Canine Good Citizen Testing
Silver City Dog Training
Taunton MA

March 25/26, 2006
Calming Signals with Turid Rugaas
Saugerties, NY http://k9crazyplayskool.com

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The Media & Breed Popularity
by Kelly Nelson (Bull Terrier Rescue)

With the Westminster show just a few days past, GoodDozg.org would like to remind everyone about the right and wrong reasons to choose a particular breed. Do your homework, make an educated decision and think about rescue first.

Some dog owners surrender or abandon their dogs due to relocation or other factors beyond an owners' control. But a more common reason for the surrender of companion dogs is the owner’s unwillingness or inability to handle their dog. Most times, this situation is based upon the owner’s decision to select their dog according to the breed without completely comprehending their ability to care for the particular demands of that breed.

The media can influence the popularity of dog breeds. Sometimes a breed will become popular despite its inherent difficulties. This is often true for breeds with large amounts of energy. The level of attention required by dogs can come as a surprise to novice owners and often end in unfortunate situations, such as abandonment or surrender.

The 101 Dalmatians movie series created a fervor surrounding the breed. People rushed to get the spotted dogs, making the breed one of the most popular and trendy in the mid-1990s. The Dalmatian, however, is an energetic breed that requires more exercise and training than some owners are able to provide. Opportunistic breeders compacted the problems by profiting through irresponsible breeding, which tends to increase breed-specific health problems.

“Benji” Brackman of the Chocolate Chip Dalmatian Assistance League explains that when the cartoon versions were re-released, her organization received over 1000 Dals in need of homes. The problem repeated when the first live action movie was released. After the second live action movie, Brackman says her organization was “inundated” and that a board member came back to over 2,300 e-mails after a one-week vacation. “A lot of very sweet temperament dogs were put down,” Brackman lamented.

Similarly, the Bull Terrier enjoyed increased popularity due to the “Spuds MacKenzie” advertisements by the Anheiser-Busch company. “Spuds” amplified the rate of Bull Terrier ownership. Bull Terriers, while a loyal and loving dog, are highly energetic and require a large amount of attention. The younger market, at which the commercials were aimed, was not the ideal market for a breed requiring its owners to spend a large amount of time at home. Shari Mann, president of the California-based Bull Terrier Rescue Inc., talks of “an increased number of picked up stray Bull Terriers; not necessarily 'owner surrenders.'” Fortunately, the new Target ad campaign, which features a Bull Terrier with the company's red circle logo around one of its eyes, has not yet caused a spike in unwanted Bull Terriers.

The Newfoundland, the winner of Westminster 2004, is another breed with potential difficulties for unprepared owners. A common misconception of “Newfies”, according to Jennifer Zablotny of Great Lakes Newfoundland Club Rescue Program, is that they are “gentle, laid back, and so great with children.” Coupling a puppy's rambunctious energy with the size of a Newfoundland can result in bigger messes and potential injury to smaller children during rough play. In addition to allergies and ear problems, the dog's size can often lead to joint difficulties and knee surgery making medical expenses one of the major reasons for surrendering or abandoning Newfoundlands.

Hurricane Katrina Update

February 2006 - Thirteen Hurricane victims have arrived this month (see photos) -- of which 10 are heartworm positive. All of them will be treated prior to adoption - however, that's a time consuming and costly process. Interested in fostering? We could use your help. Apply to FOSTER a Dog Want to sponsor a dog? We could use your help here too. Email Dale for information on sponsoring a dog. Donations are ALWAYS welcome -- and needed.

Please help us to help these animals.

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