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Since 1998, I have been taking dogs from the Center for Animal Care & Control in New York City. Rescue liaisons change from season to season, and the need for our help is requested more often as the rescue liaisons get more experience. Since 1998, I have taken hundreds of dogs from NYCACC. In 2005, we moved 25 dogs into permanent homes from the city. In 2006, we moved 51 into permanent homes. In January 2007, we added 3 more to that number. In 2008, 47 NYCACC dogs reached safety in New England, as well as many cats that were rehomed in the Capital District of NY by Marie.

The NYCACC takes in all stray and city impound dogs as well as owner turn ins. Last year their intake averaged 3000 animals a month. Owners are allowed 72 hours to reclaim their dog, or the dog becomes available for adoption or may be euthanized. Dogs who are turned in by their owners may be euthanized as soon as the surrender form is signed - they are not obligated to care for surrendered animals if there is a space or temperament issue.

The NYCACC staff is not made up of uncaring people. It is a numbers situation. There are X number of kennels. When those kennels are full, they start to euthanize. Euthanasia happens three times a day. Let's face it - rotties and pits are first. Every day I get a list of "dogs on the euth list" for tonight.

To get these dogs to safety, we need to move them to boarding space. DISCOUNTED boarding space in New York is $25/day. That gets expensive quickly and we need HELP  with it. If you want to make a difference in a New York dog's life, you can sponsor the dog's kennel space until he can be moved to a foster home for as little as $25. One of our sponsored dogs will write and thank you for saving his or her life -- because that is what you'll be doing. Without help in covering boarding space, dogs will be euthanized -- dogs who's only crime is that they are homeless.

October 31 2006 Update - Since the creation of Manhattan Mutts in August 2006, we have been able to bring in an additional ten deserving dogs, with more to come. Because of your generosity, Max2, Bruno, Ana, Rufus, Devon, Tiger, Astra, Daisy, Penny & Shelly are safe.

January 31, 2007 Update - Since November 1, 2006, we have been able to rescue an additional 12 deserving canines (and a mom and a litter of kittens). Buddy, Ebony, Delilah, Crissie, Gigi, Rocky, Sammy, Kodiak, Marley, Sparky and two emaciated dobies that went to NH Doberman Rescue are safe.

January 1 - August 30, 2008 Update - 34 rotties & pitties joined us so far this year! Derry, Franconia, Niner, Tawny, Ginger, Rocky, Bree, Addie, Reece, Bear, Morgan, Daphne, Clayton, Hunter, Ginger Spice, Stella, Cora, Josie, Rhianna, Beckham, Cherie, Katie, Maggie, Charlie, Hayley, Lyndie, Michaela, Blake, Toby, Murphy, Ricky & Riley, Emmy Lou, Maddie, and Carla all thank you for your support!

September 1, 2008 - March 31, 2009 - 38 rotties & pitties joined us and they are forever grateful!  Jester, Caesar, Spencer, Gino, Shayla, Shelley, Jada, Mia, Shadow, Sheba, Sasha, Nino, Pat, Stratus, Alice, Violet, Nadia, Elsa, Juliette, Panzer, Jade, Jewel, Wally, Diva, Bramble, Jack, Noodles, Erick, Sadie, DJ, Sabrina, Kori, Samantha, and Pebbles are glad to be in New England!

~We take several dogs every week. Your continued support is needed. ~

Tax deductable donations can also be mailed to:
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