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Adopt a rottweiler in NH. Male rottweiler, good with kids, cats and other dogs. Cody is a rottweiler looking for a forever home in NH. Good with other dogs, cats and people Rottweiler rescue XL rottweiler for adoption


August 5 - Cody was diagnosed with bilateral cruciate ruptures (both knees) and will have surgery on Aug 16. The cost for this surgery is $3000-4000. Any contributions toward his recovery is always appreciated... and necessary. Cody is available in late 2012.

Found stray in VA, this 4 yr old rottie man had a microchip that traced to a series of dead-ends & nobody claimed him. Cody is 118 lbs, many of which he needs to lose. He has been in foster care with toy breeds and cats and is social with people of all sizes -- including the vet. Cody has polite house manners, and is ready for a home of his own.

Cody's foster mom writes: "Cody is a very sweet dog and has an excellent temperament.  He is great with every person he meets.  He wants to give kisses to them all. He is also excellent around other dogs.  He is now living with my female Emma, who is taking a long time to warm up to him.  Even if she snaps at him, he pays no mind and keeps moving along.  I have touched him on his face, ears, paws, nails and put my hand in his mouth with no problem.  I have also put my hand in his food bowl while he is eating, and he has no problem with that.  He is a little possesive with a toy in front of him, but will let you wrestle it out of his mouth (if you can-ha ha) with no problem.  He weighs 109lbs, and is currently eating food with glucosomine and extras in it.  He loves to go for rides in the car.  He is also quick to the door or the fence in the yard.  I think he might be an escape artist if possible.  He is very affectionate and likes to be touched.  I believe he can live with other dogs, children and even older people.  I cannot stress enough how sweet he is."

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