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January 15, 2012 - Astro was adopted by Mark and Susan from New Hampshire.

Astro is simply fantastic. He is so friendly and loves meeting new people and dogs. This is a dog who puts a smile on your face and makes you laugh. He settled right into our home the first night we had him and he bonds quickly and enjoys following me around the house. Sometimes when he wants attention, he brings me a running show or drags a piece of clothing into the middle of the room and drops it in front of me. It's really puppy like and funny. :) He is not destructive though and doesn't mess in his crate. You get the fun loving attitude of a puppy in a dog who is housebroken and easy to train! A huge win-win! Speaking of training, his leash manners are getting really good and he listens well on walks. When I want his attention, I stop and say, "look" and he turns around and does! Good boy! Especially impressive since the city of has alot of distractions. Bikes, motorcycles, skateboards, you name it, we see it all on even a short walk. Astro takes it all in stride and enjoy trotting long and watching everything. I think our biggest challenge on walks is that he gets alot of attention because he is so handsome, and once people kneel down to pet him, he jumps into their lap because he is so happy to meet them! He also jumps up if people start petting him, but that is getting much better. He loves other dogs so much that once he sees one, he pulls to go introduce himself (and he is a strong boy when he pulls), but we are working on that, too. Astro went on a hike this weekend and he was great - he didn't pull on his leash and stayed right next to me on the trail (a very pleasant surprise and it made our day very enjoyable). He met some dogs on the hike too and really enjoyed that. Astro's house manners are great - he waits patiently to be let out of his crate and also waits nicely for his food, too. He takes treats gently. When he plays he mouths and gets excitable, yet I don't expect that to be too tough to train him out of. He's also so very cuddly - as I type this he is laying on the couch behind me wrapped around me. Once he is ready for a nap, he wants to be so close to you that he uses you as a pillow. Since he isn't dominant at all, this is not a problem and will actually be very nice now that winter is coming!

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