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Kong the Adoptable Rottweiler in New Hampshire - For the Love of Dog - Rottweiler Rescue Resources for New England and the North East US. Rotts On Parade Newsletter

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Large rottweiler for adoption in New Hampshire


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December 29, 2011 - Kong was adopted by his foster family, Bonnie and Jeffrey from Maine.

October 4, 2011 - My handsome Kong has arrived, and am I glad to meet him! What a sweet, calm guy who just wants to be beside you. He is, without a doubt, my favorite at the kennel (but he needs a foster home!).

Kong is definitively a favorite at the shelter. The big mush is often seen parading in the backyard or in the street. Who would not like walking a huge teddy bear who does not pull and is as sweet as candy? Kong is a force of nature at 95lbs, a masterpiece, almost all black with brown outlines and two tiny flame eyebrows . Kong has a soft stare and very gentle manners. He walks imposingly and slowly and could be lead by a child or an elderly person. Kong is indeed so well behaved. Fed treats, he does not snatch them out of our hands. When time comes to rest after a walk around the block(where he has attracted many eyes, some admiring and other fearful), Kong reveals his love for humans. He presses his big body against his caretaker's and chills out. Time for hugs, kisses and sweet talks. Kong is a beautiful dog, a splendid specimen of the Rottweiler breed. He is a good guy and deserves a great family. This 5 year old rottie guy passed his evaluation with flying colors. He is a Manhattan Mutt.

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