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November 19, 2011 - Scooby was adopted by Tom and Kristin from New Hampshire.

Found stray in Manhattan, and then stressed upon arrival to a high volume urban shelter in the city, 2 year old Scooby was bypassed by the shelter staff. The volunteers, however, noticed this truly remarkable, sweet man and spent time getting to know him. He is an impressive dog, a masterpiece. Beautiful markings, gorgeous and shiny coat. 

A volunteer writes: "Scooby is sitting calmly in his cage. He wants to get out. i told him to sit and he did.. Off we went to the backyard. He ate from my hand. Great appetite... of course. Good walker, sits on commend. Not so interested in other dogs, mainly little dogs were present in the backyard. Scooby likes to be petted and talked to. For a while, he stayed sitting at my feet after posing patiently for the pictures. Lots of dogs  or cats in a busy city shelter can not get that way a fair chance. Who is to blame? The people who breed them,buy them like they purchase clothing, discard them at a shelter or dumped them in the street."

Scooby is in foster care and addressing trust issues with people (go figure!) now that he's feeling better. He will continue to work on these issues. Despite having lived with young children, he is not appropriate for a family with children or lots of people coming & going. He is dog safe.

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