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August 31, 2011 - Silva was adopted by Anne and Daniel of New Hampshire.

Silva is an amazing and beautiful puppy, who is estimated to be around 7 months old!  Silva is extremely dog friendly with great introduction skills and loves to play.  Silva is almost completely house trained and crates very nicely, she will actually ask or indicate that she needs to go to bed.  She walks great on a leash, right beside you and doesn’t pull.  We started with short walks but are now starting to incorporate some running, although being a puppy she still gets tired easily.  She loves running in the woods and makes sure you are in sight at all times.  Silva enjoys nothing more than sitting with you for a nice nap afterwards. 

Silva is currently living with a male pit bull and a toddler.  She loves having another dog around and has really learned the rules to respect the baby’s space.  Leave it, space, and “mine” are words she has come to know well.  She will follow the baby around, ears held high with pride but always be careful not to bump into him or bite his fingers when he is sharing his snacks with her.

You should see Silva take a bath; she will be waiting in the tub for you to come turn the water on!  She patiently waits for you to shampoo her and then the fun begins!  She will play with the faucet water and splash it with her paws trying to catch the water out of the air!  When you decide bath time is over, she will snuggle up to a towel and love every second of being rubbed and toweled off.

Silva is a very intelligent dog, learning almost all her obedience commands in a week.  She will benefit from someone who has the time and dedication to stimulate her mentally as well as physically.  She loves new challenges and toys to keep her from getting bored and thrives on solving a puzzle such as getting a treat out of a Kong or finding a ball in a bush. 

You can’t help but fall in love with this sweet girl when you look into her crystal colored eyes and in the background see that tail wagging with love and excitement. 

Sponsored by: Monica Blizzard

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