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Adopted rottweiler in Vermont playing in the snow

Mario rottweiler was adopted

Mario is a rottweiler puppy for adption in New England


Brody, was Mario

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September 11, 2011 - Joan writes: " He is doing amazing. For a city boy he sure is becoming a great country boy in VT. He likes to go for walks and play with his Kong. We are so happy with him. Thank you for helping us find him."

September 4, 2011 - Mario, now Brody, was adopted by Joan and Brandon of VT. Joan writes: " You wouldn't believe it but Brody is actually not that wild. He knows how to sit and wait for his food...well I make him wait until he is calm. He is quick learner. He has met several of my family members including kids and he is great with all of them. He hasn't jumped like he did yesterday. He goes in the crate and he doesn't cry or bark."

Seven months old. Can you imagine finding yourself alone in NYC at 7 months? Well Mario did. Fortunately he was smart enough to stay out of traffic and land in a shelter that sent him out to rescue. This cute guy is very sweet and fun. He loves loves loves to play (possibly more than his older canine friends want to). He thinks girl dogs are cute -- and turned on the charm when he met Portugese Water Dog Spice. Fortunately he's neutered and she wanted no part of him!

Mario is young, needs a course in obedience, and loves to play play play. He had a fantastic evaluation at the shelter and is looking forward to meeting a family in New England.

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