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Rottweiler Aldo was adopted and is loving life

Aldo, was King

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September 4, 2011 - Mary writes: "I hope this finds you doing well. Just a quick note to give you an update (and pics) about Aldo (fka King). He is doing so well and gets along super with his sister, my other dog, Daisy. He's put on about 9- 10 pounds and is at or close to his ideal weight. He went to his first obedience class and it was a bit much for him, so we're going to do some one-on-one work on his focus especially around distractions and then he should be ready for a class full of new people, dogs and all kinds of activities. He's a great addition to our household! "

July 17, 2011 - Aldo, fka King, was adopted by Mary. Mary writes: "Just a note to say hi and give you a quick update about Aldo (fka King). He is doing GREAT! He's been getting long walks, about 3-4 miles total a day, which keeps him tired and calm. He's actually pretty good on lead too!  He and Daisy, my other dog, have been getting along just fine. She tries to get him to play, but so far he just doesn't get it - maybe in time he'll figure that out. But their interactions have been fine. He shows no resource guarding around the food bowl, and we'll see how he does with toys over the next few days. He hasn't shown any interest in chewing things or counter surfing (yet....)."

King was taken to the shelter when his owner was arrested. After a week of waiting to be reclaimed, King developed upper resperatory infection, and was slated to be euthanized. King (which isn't his real name - he just hasn't told us what it really is) is a 2 year old, 80 lb rottie man. He is sweet and friendly, house trained, and has nice leash manners. The volunteers at the shelter really like him. His evaluation indicates that he does guard his food bowl, but when the handler approached, King cowered like he had been hit before. He is social with other dogs, and not cat tested. Kids over 10 for King. King may be able to live with a cat. He is a Manhattan Mutt.

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