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Pitbull adopted in New Hampshire

Adopt a young pitbull in New Hampshire


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August 30, 2011 - Papy was adopted by Michele & Clint of New Hampshire. Michele writes: "First let me say that we felt it was appropriate to give him a new name to begin his new life, so his name is now "Duffy".   I am not really sure that there are the right words to say just how much joy and fun this silly boy has brought into our home. He is simply the sweetest, happiest dog I could ever imagine having the privilege of sharing our lives with. When we first got Duffy he had to undergo treatment for a rather severe skin infection and ultimately had to have most of his tail removed because of the damage that had been done to it, and he still struggles some, with minor skin irritation, but he takes his medicine like a good boy and he takes very good care of himself.  As you will see by the pictures, he has graduated from obedience school and he has made himself very comfortable in our home.  He is the very best of friends with his brothers and sisters, and he is very good about sharing his toys and his favorite couch with them.  Speaking of toys, I would love to know if anyone can invent a toy that this big lugg can't shred in a matter of ten minutes.  You don't even want to know how much we spend on his weekly "Kong" toys.WOW!!!!!!   We don't mind though, its incredible how much I look forward to getting home at night, knowing that on the other side of that door I will be met by  Duffy, with a mouth full of sloppy wet dog toy, waiting to go outside and play.  Its suppose to be fetch, but he really preferes "Keep Away"  LOL.    Duffy is very social, and extremely well behaved. He loves to meet people and other animals, and he loves to ride in the car and go to new places. When we walk, he stays right at my side, and when we leave the house he can always be seen in the window saying good by and when we return, thats exactly where he will be, toy in his mouth, stubby little tail wagging, waiting to tell us a story as soon as we come inside.       For myself and all of our family, I want to say Thank You for bringing this sweet boy to us, He puts joy in our hearts and smiles on our faces every single day.      "    

Papy is a sweet, loving boy who wants nothing more to find a family of his own. He is very well adaptable to most situations. He is a pitbull that totally avoids confrontation and is definitely a lover and not a fighter.His cute smile and wiggly butt is very inviting. Papy has some minor callousing from being stuck at the pound for so long before we was lucky enough to be rescued. A real diamond in the rough here, he is just waiting for you to polish him up!! Papy will excel with positive training and is currently learning his manners and is very social with dogs, people and children. A handsome boy that is a must see if you are looking for an addition to your family. Clean, cuddly, and cooperative. He is sure to make your heart melt.

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