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Distinguished rottweiler gentleman looking for forever home


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November 23, 2011 - Eileen writes: "Rocky is totally settled, is still the sweetest and most lovable. He loves his new lil brother and gives him kisses, but most of all the look in his eyes to me is priceless!!"

September 4, 2011 - Rocky is the best! He loves to go visiting and for rides in the car. He loves everyone and Kalen he is still pushing everyones legs open to get a good butt scratch!! Lol I know you miss him but he is doing sooo great! Would love for you to visit him!! I'm sure he would love it too! He is gaining weight and had his first grooming and even got a bow that he was sooo proud of!! Thank you again For the Love of Dogs for letting me take care of this precious boy!! Rocky has received the "Sweetest Boy Award" at the vet

July 1, 2011 - Rocky was adopted by Eileen of Vermont. Eileen writes: "Rocky is doing great!! Settled right in!! Just want to make sure because of rockys age I do not have to do the training, correct. Kalen said she was going to cross it out and initial.  Boy he lives his balls!! I got him a basketball and tennis balls and he love his toy chest!! He slept on his dog bed, still hasn't come on the bed yet, but I think we are close he lays his head on the bed with those puppy dog eyes!! (that melt you) thanks again!:

This distinguished older gentleman was supposed to be a junkyard dog. This is a job he didn't do very well but the owners of the auto body shop told everyone that Rocky was a mean dog so everyone stayed away from him.  He would walk up to customers with a tennis ball in his mouth wanting to play but he was just ignored.  He lived on a concrete floor with no heat in the winter and food thrown down on the floor for him eat.  Despite this way of living for the past five years he is a very social butterfly.  He loves to go for walks and when at the dog park he makes friends with all the dogs of all sizes and their human companions.  Rocky rides great in the car, is crate trained and house broken.  He loves nothing more than to be in any room you are in and lie at your feet.  When out in the yard he loves to play soccer with a basketball. He is just the perfect partner for anyone that is low key and has another animal. He has a low prey drive and has lived with dogs of all sizes and even a parrot.  He is just a well rounded boy with plenty of love left in his life.

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