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Austin, fka Aubrey

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June 27, 2011 - Sharon writes: "He's doing great!  We have two weeks left to our companion dog class.  He's much more relaxed than he was in the beginning (no more growling at the instructor ;-) ), he walks like a gentleman on the leash, follows me like my shadow, has been walking in Portland and traveled to Boston for a weekend.  He's getting better with the horses and cats, more time needed for that though.  He's going on his first of many camping trips in a couple weeks, I'm sure he'll love the new adventures, canoeing, swimming, hiking, sleeping in a tent."

May 7, 2011 - Aubrey was adopted by Sharon and Michael of Maine. Sharon writes: "!  He's coming into his own skin now and not quite the mellow fellow he has been.  He has an extremely high prey drive - cats, dogs, horses, chickens.  My guess anything that moves quickly.  Working on that. He bonded immediately to me, sleeps on the floor right beside me at night, doesn't want me out of his sight. We have an appointment Tuesday evening for a 1:1 with a trainer and have signed up for a weekly obedience course as well which starts next week."

Two year old Aubrey is one of the Texas 200 - confiscated with over 300 animals, including 200+ rottweilers. Despite their former living conditions, this group of dogs has shown that they are social, affectionate, and have appropriate manners. Kids over 8 and other dogs are fine. Many of these dogs are cat safe, although Aubrey has not been tested. $400 adoption fee.

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