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rottweiler to be rescued in NH

Zeus, was Troy

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April 19, 2011 - Chris writes: "Zeus has adapted to his new home without any problems. He is friendly with all the other dogs on the street and walks with me as if I was the dog wisperer. I still need to beef him up and get his coat up to stuff but its been 5 days and he is exactly what I was looking for "

April 15, 2011 - Troy, now Zeus, was adopted by Chris in Maine.

March 15, 2011 - Troy's foster mom updates: "Troy is doing GREAT. It is safe to say he is crate trained, has no food aggression issues, knows sit, stay, back, wait, leave it, off & down (sometimes reluctantly), and is learning heel & easy on the leash. He is good on leash but still is uncertain what exactly to do when I stop. We are working on him sitting nearby when I pause. He is excellent riding in the car and has mastered the many flights of stairs in &out of the house. He has excellent recall - a whistle or his name brings him to me immediately.

Phipps is training him well in the ways of cats - he is still quite focused when she is nearby but just a word from me and he relaxes. I believe he will be fine with a cat over time. His progress is considerably faster than Vidas' was.

He initiates play with Vida and loves to catch /retrieve a ball. He releases it gently to me to toss again. He does get a bit nippy/excited at times when they are playing but again, a firm voice ends it.

He does have a mischievous streak - I was in the kitchen and he was in the living room (I am trusting him to be out of sight for short periods) and when I walked in I discovered my reading glasses violated on the floor. Mind you the room is full of toys.. Fortunately, this was one of many pairs from the discount store."

Hard to believe, but Troy is happy! A 3 year-old docked, pure-bred Rottweiler, our young man greets strangers with a friendly wag of his stub, and an open, sincere curiosity. Fairly easy to walk on lead, our young man is inquiring and people-focused. . .often leaning into his handler for a caress or butt rub as they pause along the way. Troy is really happy. . .glad to be sheltered in a warm kennel, satisfied to have an unlimited buffet to nourish his emaciated frame, and pleased to hear a kind word. I am sure that this affectionate companion did nothing to deserve abandonment in a local city park during one of the worst winters in memory.

Troy “sits” on command for a treat which he accepts gratefully with tenderness. Inquisitive about the array of toys before him, he has no problem sharing his new-found wealth . . even releasing a coveted raw-hide bone to me. He readily cuddles and really enjoys hearing compliments. Troy IS handsome, and will flourish in a family of adult Rottie lovers who promise offer him the love, acceptance, and structure all dogs thrive upon. If you have dominant breed experience, a love of Rottweilers, and the desire to offer one special young man the life all dogs deserve, then stop in to meet Troy. Watch him shine!!!

Troy's foster mom reports "Troy just LOVES kids.  His little knobby tail was wagging the whole time he spent with my grand children. Boy ! did he lap up the attention he got from them. And supplied them with lots of doggie kisses. What a gentle soul he is and he is so sweet with children.  And a SUPER mush." School aged kids are appropriate for this guy.

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