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Another happy ending for an adopted rottweiler

Draco, fka Bear

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December 5, 2011 - Teresa writes: " Sooooo today marks Draco's 1 whole year with us! We are as happy as ever! He was Superman for Halloween at his Doggy Day Care, Then he and Roxy went to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving! He is a wonderful dog!And we are soooo happy to have him! Roxy is such a good big sister to Draco! Marry Woof-mas and Happy Howl-days to all of you guys at For the Love of Dog for thanks for being an awesome awesome recuse for Rotties and Pitties! : )...Also I cant wait to be a foster parent for a needy pup,especially now around the holiday season! Your guys are a great! If it wasnt for 4tLoD thwn I wouldnt of ever found DRACO, and give him the life he earned. "

May 24, 2011 - Teresa and Rick write:  "Draco what a charatcer he is! He really is a great dog! He saw a cat for the very first time, had no idea what to do or what it was! It was so cute he just wanted to play with it! Draco has a few girlfriends at doggy day care. Not to bragg, but he sure is the popular one there! He is sooo sweet with young kids and gentle with my 90 yr old grandmother. He is too smart for his own good. He learned a few of Roxy's (our other Rottie) tricks. How to beg for some doggy cookies and she showed him where they are hidden. We are very thankful for Draco and he literally is a goof ball. Alls he wants to do is play, play, play even with dogs he never meant. He is very suer friendly and out going. We take him to our softball games and he love the attention he gets from everyone! Glad to say that he has no, whatsoever guarding issues or any issues for that matter. It breaks our heart to know that someone didn't want him at one point in time. But we are glad we gave him the spoiled life he sure does deserve!"

December 22, 2010 - Teresa and Rick write: "Bear is doing GREAT!!!!!!! He loves being a little brother to our older Rottie name Roxy. He loves to go to the doggy day care. He has a lot of energy. His favorite game to play is tiger a war with Roxy. Even though he never wins. He is already part of the family, lays on the bed and couch. He also loves going for car rides and the park. He has no fear, he love to explore. We are very happy to see Roxy having a blast with him. She usually doesn't care too much for other dogs. But she really bonded with Draco. We really never seen Roxy play as much as she does with him. It's absolutely great. Draco loves going to work with me as well. He's a big hit with everyone there. We can't wait for Christmas, so he can open all of his gifts! "

December 5, 2010 - Bear was adopted by Teresa & Richard from CT. Teresa writes: "Bear is do great. Loves the back yard. Had his 1st night did ok, but its a process. Roxy loves him too as well do we."

This 4 month old rottie man was purchased from a puppy broker and mis-handled by the owner. Bear has resource guarding issues and is currently with our trainer in foster care where he works on positive methods. He gets along well with other dogs and loves to play. Bear is available to an experienced rottweiler owner only who will continue with positive training methods. Kids over 14. Serious inquiries only.

In the comments field of your application, please include the following information: 

  • What specific experience do you have with a dog with resource issues? What resources were guarded? How did you overcome these issues?

  • Specifically how would [you] handle a dog with resource issues? Your behavior must be reflexive. You don't have time to think about it.

  • What will [you] do when the dog is 90 lbs and challenging you for a sock, remote control, steak off of the counter, quart of oil, or whatever else the dog decides is HIS and you must retrieve (possibly to save his life)?

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