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6 year old Trina was surrendered by her family. She has lived with kids, other dogs and cats.


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July 11, 2011 - Sarah writes: "Guess what her latest talent on the Farm here has proven to be? GENTLY helping me round up + catch-yes,catch-my young chickens that go astray. We have many Foxes + Weasels here that lead to a high mortality rate with chickens,the strays from the designated pen area have to be caught or they'll be promptly eliminated by the creatures mentioned above.

Trina saw me catching a chicken with great difficulty today;she watched as I missed the chicken multiple times. Then she, initially to my great dismay,went on to catch the chicken as I went to sit in the shade.

She somehow gently trapped the runaway chicken between her big front paws and under her head then held it between her paws + under her head gingerly until I got there. I carefully inspected the chicken,as although I saw her catch it gently, I was incredulous about what I was seeing--a gentle chicken catching Rotty?! 

She very proudly relinquished the lil chicken to me as I removed it from her grasp-with not a scratch or misplaced feather I might add! As I actually saw her gentle strategic capture,I know the bird had no internal injuries,also.

I have to say I've exposed Trina to these chickens since they were golf ball sized lil yellow fuzzballs,by cupping one in my hand + showing it to her in a protective manner. She GOT it! I had hoped, though had no idea she would really have the intelligence + sensitivity to realise these were my lil charges + not to be preyed on, as it appeared she had a high prey drive.

In retrospect,maybe it isn't a high prey drive after all;perhaps its a high intelligence and, "help drive", as she came to my assistance after she saw my frustration as I attempted unsuccessfully to catch the stray chicken!

She continues to endear herself to me with her amazing intelligence +gentle, yet protective nature. WHAT will she learn to do next?!

January 27, 2011 - Sara writes: "Trina has settled in to her new life with me as a,"working dog",quite nicely. She likes to accompany me to the barn am + pm for horse feedings,stall cleaning,etc. Her ancestry as a herd dog shows,as I was amused to see she instinctively often, "patrols" the stalls when with me,if something is amiss,or when a horse is acting up in the stall,ie kicking stall walls,etc,she stands in front of the stall + barks loudly upon which time the horse stops the undesirable behaviour,her ancestry as a herd/butcher dog shows!She will otherwise sit + stay on command,ever watchful, as I bring the horses out to the paddocks,with no wandering or running away(like my husky if given the opportunity)(!)She is truly a very smart,well behaved,"helper",here on the ranch. When we finish making the rounds @ the barn + paddocks am + pm,she's happy to sleep beside my bed on the heated floors near her new buddy,my husky, looking forward to her new,"job",beginning again in the morning"

December 26, 2010 - Home for the Holidays! Trina was adopted by Sarah from Maine! 

Six year old Trina was surrendered with her sister because of "landlord issues" according to her surrender profile at the shelter. This 104 lb girl walks nicely on lead, knows some commands - including sit, paw and wait. She knows to come when called. The volunteers say that she is a solid and collected girl, very nice companion animal. She is "affectionate, walks nicely, seemed fine with other dogs met in shelter and out shelter. Housetrained it seems. Sits on command. Well behaved, really nice."  Trina also has lived with cats and has been around kids of all ages.

Trina's foster mom has added this: Trina is a typical rottweiler - not your "instant best friend". She takes her time appropriately and once you're "in", she's wonderful. She instantly loved the teenage boy in the house, and took her time with the adults. She also especially likes her foster dad, who plays with her in the yard a lot. She knows all of her basic commands including sit, drop it and stay.

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