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Chloe, was Lady

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July 17, 2011 - Sherylann and Shirley write: "Chloe is still charming us with out big brown eyes. She can be a bit stubborn, but is normally a good girl. She loves her toys and still can play by herself(shaking and tossing her toys in the air)or she likes to chase things along the fence in her back yard. Chloe's little stubby tail is always going like she has her own beat of hapiness from inside. She is even getting better at not barking at the mail man or other people who may come past HER house. We still have no regrets on adopting Chloe. I have reccomended 4Love of dog to anyone who will listen.I hope this has inspired other to come and adopt a loving pet. "

December 31, 2010 - Sherylann and Shirley write: "Chloe had a good Christmas. Santa brought her a new Tug rope. She still loves her piggy best. We love chloe more and more each day. She is full of fun. She looks at you with the bigget brown Rotti eyes.Only those who belong to a rotti knows what I'm talking about. Chloe experienced her first snow fall in New England.She didn't want to go out at first but when she finaly did she ran around and around in the back yard.She does this every time she goes out now. She might be confused when the snow melts. She is such a goof "

November 29, 2010 - SherylAnn writes: "Chloe,Originally named Lady is still a Joy. My mom love her so much. She passed training with flying colors. When we correct Chloe she runs and gets her "piggy" and shakes him. It's almost like , if she is in trouble, so is he. Chloe also likes to play by herself. She will toss ball and catch it in her mouth. She will toss it across the room and chase it. I urge any one who wants a special furry friend in their life should adopt a Rotti. Chloe was a birthday present for my mom after she lost her second Rottie girl to cancer.Love of Dog matches you with the perfect pet."

August 3, 2010 - SherylAnn writes: "We absolutely love Chloe, she is a joy! We are going to training for 8 weeks every Thursday nite. Everyone in class wanted to know where we got her. I am going to try to attach pictures. Cloe was very calm the first week she was her. After the second week we discovered she is a counter surfer!  I am trying to break that habit. She ate the top off of three of the bannana nut muffins I left to cool on the back of the counter. She is a bundle of energy and loves to fetch a ball in the back yord, but she dosen't want to give it back.  She drops it and then lays on it so you can't get it. She loves to go for walks. On the lead she is very good.  She also loves to ride in the car. I put her in a doggie seatbelt so she dosen't try to jump when we stop. Chloe is a veery social girl and loves to be petted and loved by anyone who will pay attention to her. She is only getting dog food.(I know it kills my mom not to feed her people food, like she did Nika) We convinced mom that it's not good for Chloe. The Vet loved her too! She was happy to see we got another Rottie. Chloe was excellent at the vets. She let the Vet do everything she needed too. The Groomer has had her there too. She really loves Chloe.(You met her at my house when you brought Chloe.) We are soon going to visit a dog park that Christin likes to frequent. So all is well for this Rottie Girl."

July 9, 2010 - Lady was adopted by Sheryl Ann and Shirley

This 2 year old rottie girl was surrendered to a local shelter because her people lost their home. She is very social with other dogs, friendly with people, and a general pleasure to be around. Lady will arrive in New England around July 4.

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