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August 21, 2010 - Chili was adopted by Scott from New York. Scott... errr Chili writes: 

"As my dad told you all, my name is CHILI and I was rescued from the Bronx's as I was skin and bones. My new friends that rescued me started to take good care of me by sending me the vets, a check up, shots, getting spayed and receiving a micro chip so I can be tracked. This Saturday, 8/21/10 ,I met my new dad in Ellenville @ 09:30 in the morning. At first he took me by the leash from my foster parent Krissie. We walked around for awhile until I felt just a little comfortable with him. He signed the papers for me stating that I would receive a great home and I looked at him as to say let's try this and we started up to the road to my new home in Delmar.

I didn't know what to expect but I will have to say that he really is a very caring guy. When I got to my new home I was pretty scared as my life so far has been nothing but horrific until I was taken in by for the love of dogs and Mountain Rotty Rescue. Dad as I will call him has been nothing but great to me. I have a really nice home, great bed, really nice toys and good food to eat. You ask how my first day was, well I have attached a few pictures of me to show you all..

When we got home, the first thing that dad did for me was to feed me. I was hungry as I had to travel and was nervous, so I didn't want to have a tummy ache. The second thing that dad gave me was a bath. WOW that felt so good and after he dried me off, dad groomed me to get more hair off of me to make me feel well, so I might say that I'm a sexy little rotty..ok maybe I won't be to shy for long. After that, we went for a walk and then it was nap time. I had some alone time in my new home and then dinner and a walk again. Then it was time for bed..

My second day has been another great one..walks, play time and alot of lovin..I had to try a gentle leader today..Not to sure about this one but dad says I have to try with this..I will also tell you all that I'm a little controlling when it comes to my toys. Dad say's that we have to work on this along with more manners, etc. I would truly like to met all of you someday but right know, I have to get really familiar with my new home and my dad. I have a problem trusting people but living in my new home so far has shown me what really good humans can be like. I will send you updates from time to time..but for right now it's bedtime so dad can go to work, so we can have a great home..bye bye

Oh I forgot to mention that dad's friend Debra, she has been nothing but great to me..I like her.."

Chili is a wonderful 3 year old purebred Rottweiler with a docked tail. Sadly when she entered rescue she was severely emaciated, you could count every bone in her body. She clearly lived a harsh & cruel life . Chili has been consistently gaining weight and looking quite well these days . Chili will do best in a quite household, as she can be a little insecure when she meets new people but once she knows you are not going to hurt her , she is the most loving and loyal girl you could ever hope for ! Chili loves to play with toys and she is crate trained and housebroken. Chili does well with male dogs but we would not suggest cats for this lady. If you would like to give chili a forever or foster home , please contact us. We assure you this girl will steal your heart! Please help us make the next chapter of her life one of love and compassion. She has not been tested with cats.

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