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Paula. now Katie

June 13, 2010 - Paula was adopted by Fred from PA. Fred writes: "Paula is delighted to discover we have air conditioning.  It is a little difficult to get her outside.  She does need a little obiedience school, but I think we are going to be ok.  It didn't hurt that she walked right up to Mom and put her head in her lap.  She is very loving although still a little nervous.  She has, however, found a spot next to my chair and is watching me as I type this."

A stray from New York city, Paula is obscenely emaciated, with vertebrae and hip bones jutting out left and right. She weighs a distressing 40 pounds. A volunteer writes: "Sweetheart alert! I was a little worried about taking Paula out when I saw that she was rated "questionable" on intake, but I put my hand up to the cage, and she came right up and sniffed it as sweet as can be, despite the traumas she's obviously endured in her life. "OK, I'll take her for a spin," I thought. And she ambled beside me, as happy as a clam. We hung out in the backyard for a while, then went into one of the runs. Even when I took her off leash, she stayed close by my side, and slowly inched closer and closer. Turns out she wanted to be pet. She wanted to be pet so much that every time I stopped, she shoved her head back into my hand for more. We spent a long time like that, my sitting on a chair, her standing with her ribs pushed into my legs, her head in my hands. Every once in a while she'd look up at me. I couldn't get over how much love, how much of her soul was revealed in those pupplike brown eyes. (She may be 5, but her face looks much, much younger, even after her time as a starved stray.) Turns out that the reason she made a negative first impression was because she didn't take too kindly to being muzzled and vaccinated when she came in. (How is that different from half the dogs at the vet's office?) And since she seemed pretty much oblivious to the other dogs in the backyard, I'd say she's a keeper. Paula was taken 3 days after her arrival to the park: she behaved in a very civil way with all other dogs met. Come rescue this sweetie little rottie. She deserves infinite love--and infinite cuddles--in the next chapter of her life."

Paula needs some time with a family to get her weight back to "healthy" -- which won't be more than 65# or so. She's not a big girl, but her eval says that she's worth the effort! Even as an emaciated stray, she is willing to share her food & toys willingly. Please fill out our adoption application if you are interested in any of our dogs

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