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March 20, 2010 - Noche was adopted by Jake and Robin and their rottie girl Derry!  Robin writes: "Smart boy!! Re-named Mr Man-now known as Colby. Loves to play tag with Derry. Working on counter surfing and sit and wait for food and to go out. We are working on learning his language for asking to go out and getting on a good routine and schedule. Doing really well for day 5. Derry is a good role model and teacher. He is not pushy and no testing. Happy to be next to you. Loves frosty paws and long walks. We actually stopped on the way home and went for a nice hike. Will send a picture and a couple more tonight."

A local stray, Noche is no stranger to New Hampshire winters! This playful 18 month old rottie guy loves the friends he's made since leaving the shelter, and is ready to settle down. Noche is social with other dogs of all sizes, and shares his toys and food willingly. He is still quite a puppy and would love a course in obedience and some structure in his life. This adorable man has met a member of the feline persuasion without incident.

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